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Collaborating with the broader education ecosystem to increase access to quality education for learners and educators in disadvantaged communities across Africa.

Creating positive futures through access to education

The Snapplify Foundation believes that technology has a crucial role to play in increasing access to quality educational products and services. As a foundation, we are committed to social inclusion and are working locally with communities, government and the private sector, and globally with thought-leaders and the donor community, to implement interventions that deliver learning outcomes aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to accelerate access to ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’ in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across Africa.

Learning interventions that have a measurable impact

According to the World Economic Forum, 19 of the world’s youngest countries are in Africa. It is critical that this young population have access to e-learning solutions, which is recognised as essential for increasing digital literacy and bridging the digital divide that exists. This is particularly true in emerging markets where remote and unconnected schools lack infrastructure but still need to prepare students for the digital futures that are now becoming a reality. We will collaborate with a broad set of stakeholders to build and execute learning interventions that have real measurable impact such as increased literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

Assisting with purchasing and distribution of digital content in bursary programmes

The Snapplify Foundation assists organisations in the purchasing and distribution of prescribed digital textbooks for students who receive funding through their bursary programmes. Through our partnerships with local and international publishers, we are able to make digital textbooks required to complete education programmes available for students who need them most.  We have structured our programme to provide a service that not only removes friction in the procurement of books, but brings down costs and helps in driving digital adoption.

Collaborate with us and make a difference

As the African proverb says, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and in education this is ever more pertinent. We know that we are one piece of a very important puzzle. In order for us to remain true to our commitment of increasing access to education, we will actively seek to partner with organisations and individuals who share our vision. If you would like to join us in making a difference and increasing access to education, get in touch with our team today.

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